1980 Winter Olympics

I love the winter Olympics. Growing up in the deep south these sports seemed so otherworldly to me. I used to ride my skateboard down steep hills, (steep hills being relative in the Arkansas Delta), pretending I was Jean Claude … Continued

PAM Brownbag Lunch Lecture

Dear friend and long time co-conspirator Susan Seubert is speaking about her dual career today at Portland Art Museum. Sorry for the late notice.

Presidents Day

They waited, respectfully and patiently, for their turn to have their picture taken in front of the great man, a near constant stream of people from every ethnic background, anxious to pay tribute to this icon of American presidents, who … Continued

Minature Midwestern Metropolis

My buddy Alan sent me this link. Photographer Michael Paul Smith, a former museum display designer, created models and superimposed them in real backgrounds to recreate the midwestern town of his youth. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in … Continued


Oliver B. McClaran July 29, 1917 – February 11, 1978 Dad & me, 1956

Interview in Shutterbug

I was interviewed by Maria Piscopo for her Business Column in Shutterbug along with BigshotStock colleagues, Brian Smale, Shawn Henry and Brian Smith about business trends in editorial photography.

Workshop in Haiti?

Zoriah Miller wants to charge $4G to teach a workshop on Disaster photography. WTF? To be honest I haven’t read the entire output of opinions on this but it’s stirring up a shit storm on the various forums and blogs. … Continued

Be Here To Love Me

Be Here To Love Me. I’ve been haunted since watching this fantastic documentary on Townes Van Zandt the other night. Reflecting back on when he first began playing and writing music he said: “There was one point when I realized, … Continued


Mike Floyd just sent me the link this morning to something called Pilfered Magazine, a photo blogozine exclusively featuring images stolen from various sources on the web and submitted by viewers. This month’s cover features an Irving Penn image. But … Continued