This Is The What

Kate Osba writes a terrific blog, called This Is The What where she features interviews with photographers along with samples of their work. I’m very flattered to be included today. Read the interview here:


Andy Adams recently posted a query on Flak Photo Network (Facebook) asking if there were any Disfarmer fans. I sent him this message: Re: Disfarmer, long story I first discovered his work in about ’76 when I was a photography … Continued

What Makes This Place Great

A recent project completed for Tri-Met, working with Josh Berger (of Plazm fame), Doug Lowell, Sarah Cline and Camela Raymond at ID Branding. Still photographs are edited into short video clips accompanied by interviews with the various subjects. See the … Continued

It's been a busy Summer…….

A few recently published assignments, Tad McGeer founded Aerovel which designs and builds unmanned aircraft out of a converted home near Bingen Washington, for Smithsonian. Link: Portland timbers owner Merritt Paulson, for ESPN the Magazine: Bandon Dunes Caddies, for … Continued