More new work…….

My friend Lauren Henkin made a compelling case on her blog for saving work for the experience of seeing it printed and finished and the risks of showing online. The average website stay is something like 37 seconds, so it’s … Continued

Sneak Peak – New Work #5

I’m continuing to scan, have about 55 now. These images I am posting are akin to viewing work prints as they have had little consideration as to whether they work in the context of this body, much less any sequencing, … Continued

New Work – Sneak Peak #1

Last spring I drove from Memphis to Portland over the course of 7 days and made pictures along the way. Last week I began the tedious process of scanning negatives. I’ll be posting some sample images over the next couple … Continued

A Special Place in Hell

Josh Powell killed his two kids and himself by blowing up his house with gasoline this past weekend. In addition police found a small hatchet and evidence he used it on the two little boys. His own sons. Powell’s wife, … Continued

A million and one Photo Blogs

Lately I’ve been looking at a a lot of fantastic photo sites as well as individual photographer’s blogs. Let me just say, you can waste way too much time in front of the screen looking a great work. This morning … Continued